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巴黎風尚敞篷車駕臨——DS3 敞篷版

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  DS3 Cabrio was officially launched in Shanghai auto show on April 20 and it is the 4th DS product introduced into China. DS3 Cabrio makes a new record in DS product launch and opens a new chart for DS development in China. DS3 Cabrio also brings a modern evolution in cabriolet segment with its unique cabriolet glamour.


  As one of DS3 products which are most popular in DS line, DS3 Cabrio integrates all the highlights of cabriolet models and other DS successful products: audacious style, extreme refinement and sudden driving experience.


  經典 重塑敞篷風格

  Classic Rebuild Cabriolet Style


  The biggest highlight of DS3 Cabrio definitely is the soft open roof. The car is applied with full automatic folding soft roof. The classic and elegant made by canvas is so harmonious with DS3 quality and has a fashionable taste of heritage and reminiscence. The roof of DS3 Cabrio can be operated while the car is driving in 120km/h. The open sky is a precious enjoyment just like an open heart absorbs the fresh sunshine and wind. The roof control button could make 3 sets: middle, horizontal and fully open. The roof can be closed in only 16 seconds.



  Moreover, DS3 Cabrio inherits the classic design of DS3. It has a characteristic hatchback style and the car size is L 3.95m, W1.71m and H 1.46m, therefore it perfectly keeps the original compact car body. It is the only real 5-seat car and has the biggest trunk in same segment. Meanwhile, the latest 3D LED taillight and innovative trunk open approach to enable DS3 Cabrio full of personality.


  Extremely pursuit on details

  DS3敞篷版提供三種車頂顏色選擇,分別為黑色、Infini藍和DS Monogramme,三種不同的選擇形成了獨特的視覺效果,進一步凸顯了DS3敞篷版的獨有個性。為了達到豪華車型應有的靜音效果,DS3敞篷版標配具有隔音效果的頂級敞篷布料,當關閉頂篷時,其隔音效果可與掀背式DS3相媲美。為頂篷開啟時特別設計的擾流網可以提供優質的隔音效果,敞篷一經開啟時該裝置就會啟動,從而起到擾流和減震的雙重功效。


  DS3 Cabrio provides 3 colours for option: Black, Infini Blue, and DS Mongogramme. Three colour options make a unique visual effect and emphasize the distinctive personality of DS3 Cabrio. In order to achieve the sound isolation effect of luxury car, DS3 Cabrio is applied top canvas material which will achieve effective sound isolation. While the roof is closed, the sound effect is totally comparable with hatchback DS3 model. The spoiler net specially designed for roof open will provide high quality sound insulation effect. Once the roof is open, the equipment will automatically turn on to achieve double effect of spoiler and damping


  Meanwhile, DS3 Cabrio also provides Granite blue leather, Akinen knitting material interior and inside atmosphere lighting system to further emphasizes the DS brand’s extremely pursuit on details and brings drivers and passengers extremely pleasant experience.


  Smart Driving Performance

  中國市場上DS3敞篷版將包括時尚版、風尚版和至尊版三款車型,均搭配了動力突出且燃油經濟性極佳的122馬力1.6L自然吸氣發動機。與其他敞篷車型截然不同的是:大多數敞篷車會比普通車型增重100千克左右,這相當于增加了5桶普通桶裝水的重量,無疑會為實際駕駛帶來負面影響,但 DS3敞篷版比DS3掀背車輕了25公斤,優化的結構布局保留了DS3原有車型所有的靈活性和響應能力。同時,DS3敞篷版采用了車身加固結構,并全系標配了ESP、ABS、6個安全氣囊、三點式安全帶、后排兒童座椅固定裝置ISOFIX等眾多主被動安全系統,以優異的安全性能為駕乘者提供全面保護 。在傳動裝置方面,DS3敞篷版與常規DS3車型保持一致,保留了所有易于操作的特性,將駕駛者與“公路融為一體”,提供了無比順暢的駕駛表現。

  DS3 Cabrio in China market will have 3 models: DS3 Cabrio CHIC, DS3 Cabrio So CHIC and DS3 Cabrio Prestige. All are equipped with 122bhp 1.6 naturally aspired engine which has outstanding power performance as well as excellent oil economy. Totally different with other cabriolet models: most cabriolet model will be about 100kg heavier as than normal model and will bring negative impact on driving; however DS3 Cabrio is 25kg lighter than hatchback DS3 and the optimized structure keeps the flexibility and response performance of original DS3 model. Meanwhile DS3 Cabrio is applied fasten structure as well as various positive or passive safety system such as ESP, ABS, 6 air bags, 3-point safety belts and ISOFIX to enable the outstanding safety ensurance for drivers and passengers. With regards drive train, DS3 Cabrio is same with regular DS3 model and featured as easily handling which enable drivers “being integrated with road” and provide extremely smooth driving performance.


  Moreover, excellent aerodynamic research achieves 0.69m2 SCx which effectively reduce CO2 emission while power performance is enhanced.


  DS3 was launched in 2010 and has achieved 200,000 units sales volume. Its personalized style is really successful. As the most fashionable product of DS3 series, unique DS3 Cabrio opens a new chart of DS. Unlimited driving pleasure creates a new style in cabriolet market and brings China luxury car consumers brand new option.



  原創設計,精湛工藝,人性科技,高端品質以及經典傳承是DS 品牌獨一無二的DNA。敢想敢為,獨樹一幟和積極進取是DS無可替代的核心價值。

  長安標致雪鐵龍汽車有限公司,簡稱長安標致雪鐵龍(英文簡稱: CAPSA),由中國長安汽車集團股份有限公司與法國標致雪鐵龍汽車股份有限公司共同組建. 合資公司初期將引入DS品牌全系豪華車型,為中國消費者帶來個性、創新與優雅的豪華車型新選擇。


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